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Academic qualifications include Degrees in Business and English, Diplomas in Conference and Court Interpreting and Diplomas in Specialized Translation and Bilateral Simultaneous Interpreting. Member, Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), Member, Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), California Court-Certified, Immigration Court-Approved, Proz Certified Pro in both directions.

While specializing in supranational organizations, law, IT, business, economics and finance, I have interpreted an enormous variety of subject matters quite successfully over my many years in the sector, including some of the most arcane nature.

Core interpreting competencies:

- Double Native in English and Spanish. The concept of working into "one's mother tongue," or "direct" and "inverse" does not exist for me. I work from EN into ES and vice versa indistinctly. I have always worked in a bidirectional EN<>ES booth, providing top-quality relay into either English or Spanish at events with more than two languages.

- Ability to interpret very high-speed discourse with close to 100% of the content, delivering not only the message, but the manner and tone in which it is conveyed.

- Ability to remain calm and focused in high-stress environments such as meetings with hundreds of delegates from many different countries and frequent switching between languages, where mistakes are not taken lightly. Ensuring that the right channels are engaged, mic is on, and so on. Sounds simple, but these types of oversights can happen to the most experienced of interpreters, especially when under fire.

- Ability to deal with linguistic variances. I am accustomed to the diverse Spanish accents, terminologies and usages found in both Spain and the Americas, having worked and lived on both sides of the Atlantic.

- With respect to English, I have interpreted virtually every possible variant, both native and non-native, some of which can pose quite a challenge, given its use as a lingua franca by so many cultures.

We strive to provide the best service possible in any and all circumstances, while adhering to the strictest standards of privacy, discretion, confidentiality and protocol.

Resume (includes RSI Specs and References) available upon request.